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Civil law in India has its various branches such as Property Laws, Land Laws, Labour Laws, Tenancy Laws, Recovery Laws, Insurance Laws, Business Laws, Commercial Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Family Laws, Personal Injury Laws, Probate Laws, Real Estate Laws, Tax Laws, etc Civil lawyers in India and our civil lawyers in lucknow are mostly dealing with disputes between individuals themselves or other government bodies, in which the decrees are awarded in favour the individuals. If person is in need of assistance with civil issues as well as requires knowing what the regulations are relating to civil laws in India, the person would look for counsel from a lawyer who deals purposely with civil cases. If somebody has suffered individuals’ harms in an accident on account of negligence and desires to file for separation otherwise is in a quarrel concerning child care, a civil legal representative who works in the exact areas of family unit law is the sort of attorney an individual would search out for aid with those authorized cases. A civil lawyer in India not only represents the his client in the legal proceeding in India but also provides legal advice to the client in other civil dealings such as due diligence of the property (search of the documents of the property). Civil litigation arises when there is a lawful conflict between two or more parties that demand for pecuniary recompense or some exact performance rather than criminal sanction. Civil lawyers in India, face a very complex litigation issues for their client. D.S. Chaube & Associates tries hard to provide best legal services through our experienced legal experts in Civil Cases to our clients in various courts of India. We always focus on giving special attention to our clients’ legal problems, try provide result oriented relief to them. We also file and contest civil appeals, revisions and Writ Petitions.